1965 mustang hubcaps

1966 or 1965 mustang hubcaps, what’s the difference?

If you want to know what the original stock hubcaps look like for a 65 or a 66 ford mustang, you’ve come to the right place. See our pictures of both 1966 and 1965 mustang hubcaps and find out!

Without further ado:

1965 mustang hubcaps :

1965 mustang hubcap

1966 mustang hubcaps :

1966 mustang hubcap

It actually took me two years to realize that I was driving around in a 65 mustang fitted with the stock hubcaps for a 66 mustang. Granted, it’s not a major issue, but once I knew I just had to start looking for a correct set (finally found them on eBay).

Notable differences are the wheel cover center caps which say ‘Mustang’ on the 65 version and have the tri-bar logo on the 66 version, and the fact that the earlier wheel covers do cover the entire wheel while the later version has open sections.

I know some people will disagree, but personally I actually much prefer the look of the 65 stock hubcaps to the 66 version. However I do prefer the 66 center caps…

As I now have both versions I might combine the 65 covers with the 66 center caps. So that will turn out okay in the end! 🙂

Get the right hubcap size

Of course, it’s very important to get the right size hubcaps for your wheels:

  • 13 inch: Originally, early Mustangs were equipped with 13-inch wheels. Six-cylinder wheels had a four-lug pattern, and V8 wheels were five-lug.
  • 14 inch: 14-inch wheels where optional on both straight six and V8 Mustangs, and standard on 289-4V K-code cars.
  • 15 inch: Up until the fall of 1965, 15-inch wheels were optional for V8  Mustangs that were equipped with the ‘handling package’.

The most common size for classic Mustang wheels and hubcaps is 14-inch, but it’s always best to check before you buy.

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2 thoughts on “1966 or 1965 mustang hubcaps, what’s the difference?”

  1. I have just the opposite problem I think. I have a 1966 Mustang but the hubcaps that I bought it with are 1965. Do you know if any 1966 Mustangs were early models that had some 1965 parts like hub caps? I have had the car since 1995. It was a daily driver in college. I made it a Sunday car in about 2000 but then haven’t had much time/money to put to it till now. I am looking to replace the hub caps and put spinners on it. I just want to be sure I am replacing it with the correct ones that came with my car though.

    I agree with you. I like the 1965 hubcaps much better than the 1966 ones.

    • Hey David,
      Thanks for your comment! You ask an interesting question regarding the early ’66 cars. I’m afraid I don’t know either: it’s hard enough to find decent sources of information regarding details about these cars as it is. I can imagine that this could’ve happened though – for instance if a shipment of ’66 hubcaps were late and they still had some ’65s laying around. In any case, go with the ones you like: I changed my hubcaps to the correct ’65 hubcaps, but more because I prefer their look than for the sake of historical accuracy.


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