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Complete 66 / 65 Mustang wiper system repair – motor, linkage and arms

Having issues with the windshield wipers on your 65 or 66 Mustang? You’ve come to the right place for a full 65 Mustang wiper motor repair guide!

Wiper arm removal

Before you do any work on your wiper system, it’s always safest to remove your wipers first. Removing the wiper arms can be tricky and can damage the paint on your cowl or hood, so make sure to follow these steps, especially if the wipers haven’t been detached for some time:

  1. spray some penetrating oil where the end of the wiper arm attaches to the shaft and let it sit for 15-20 minutes
  2. beware: when the arms are pried off, sometimes they can ‘jump’ off and go sailing – more than one cowl or hood has been scratched this way. Make sure to hold on to the wiper with one hand as you pry it off with the other. Even better, put a protective cover on your hood and cowl just to be sure.
  3. the wiper arms can simply be pried off. Some recommend a claw hammer for this (with padding between the hammer and cowl), but I wouldn’t recommend this. I mostly pry them off with a flat head screwdriver using my other hand as a fulcrum (hand between screwdriver and cowl). There is however a special tool specifically to remove the arms safely (serial number FC-9M0202).
  4. There is also a special tool to remove the bezel nut that goes under the wiper arms. Personally I’ve never needed it as I tend not to over tighten these so they can easily be removed by hand.

windshield wiper removal tools

For more detailed instructions on how  to remove and replace the wiper arms, read this excellent article on Mustang Maniacs.

66 and 65 Mustang wiper motor

If your 65 Mustang wiper motor gives out, it might be time to replace it. The motor CAN be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. If you restore the wiper motor this way, it should probably work again.

However, as the wiper motor is quite a pain to remove, I decided to replace mine right away. I couldn’t bear to go through the procedure of removing, restoring and reinstalling it, just to have it break down again a few months later…

The hard part lies in removing the wiper motor, as it’s quite difficult to reach.

To remove the motor, follow the following procedure:

  • locate the wiper motor under the center of the dash (slightly to the right)
  • remove the motor from linkage arm by removing the retaining clip
  • unbolt the three bolts that secure the motor to the bracket
  • if you have any trouble to remove the motor from the bracket, it might be easier to remove the bracket altogether (with the motor still attached). Just remove the two bolts toward the front and loosen the other two, and slide the whole thing out.

65 mustang wiper motor

I must have read every available guide on the web on how to replace a 65 Mustang wiper motor. If you are looking for more detailed instructions and pictures, here are the two best guides I have found:

  1. This excellent guide
  2. This guide is for models from 67 to 73 but does contain some useful pictures and instructions as well:

Wiper linkage repair

On my Mustang, the hex nuts holding the wiper linkage together had loosened almost to the point of falling off. I was able to access the wiper assembly by removing the center dash speaker and detaching the heater/air hoses. If you wriggle in there with the right wrench you can just about tighten the nuts that hold the linkage together.

It took me a few tries to get the linkage positioned right before tightening the nuts. It’s very important to have the wiper arms detached before testing this, as a wrong positioning under the hood can lead to your wipers going the wrong way and scraping back and forth over your hood.

The following pictures and schematics will hopefully help you to get it right the first time around:

windshield wiper diagram

mustang windshield wiper linkage

windshield wiper left


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