mustang inner fender splash shield: keep your 65 and 66 mustangs from stalling in the rain

mustang inner fender splash guard

If your classic Mustang is stalling in the rain, it’s time to check and maybe replace your inner fender splash shields. The procedure is simple: jack up the car, remove the front wheels, unbolt the old splash shields and bolt the new ones right on. Problem solved!

Does your Stang threaten to stall when driving in the rain? Chances are water is finding its way into your engine bay or into electrical components. The first thing to check is the state of your inner fender splash shields.

The front wheel wells of your Mustang (should) both have a front and a rear splash shield. Their function is simple: they are there to stop water splashing into your engine bay and headlight housings.

When water enters the engine bay, it can be pulled into the air filter. If any moisture gets into the engine it can cause stalling or even do severe damage to the engine, also called ‘hydro locking’. Also, water will often splash on electrical wiring or components where it can cause shorts.

On my trusty pony, only 3 out of 4 splash shields were present upon inspection. The rubber parts on the three remaining splash shields were so worn that the shields were actually completely useless. You can clearly see there is almost no rubber left on my old rear shield in the pic below:

Splash shield old and new

Mustang inner fender splash shield replacement

The good news? Inner fender splash shields are quite easy to replace. All you need is a jack and a wrench set. Jack up the front of your car and remove one of the front wheels. The splash guards are located in the front and the back of the wheel well. Contrary to public opinion, you do not need to remove the fenders!

The front splash shields are attached with 3 bolts, the back ones with 5 bolts. Once in place, make sure the rubber parts aren’t twisted, so they cover everything up nicely. Here’s a pic of my newly installed front and rear splash shields:

front and rear splash shields installed

Hopefully next time you get caught in the rain with your trusty ‘stang, you won’t have any more issues!


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