1966 or 1965 mustang hubcaps, what’s the difference?

1966 1965 mustang hubcaps

If you want to know what the original stock hubcaps look like for a 65 or a 66 ford mustang, you’ve come to the right place. See our pictures of both 1966 and 1965 mustang hubcaps and find out!

Without futher ado:

1965 mustang hubcaps :

65 ford musatng hubcap 1965 mustang hubcap


1966 mustang hubcaps :

66 ford mustang hubcap 1966 mustang hubcap

It actually took me two years to realize that I was driving around in a 65 mustang fitted with the stock hubcaps for a 66 mustang. Granted, it’s not a major issue, but once I knew I just had to start looking for a correct set (finally found them on Ebay).

Notable differences are the wheel cover center caps which say ‘Mustang’ on the 65 version and have the tri-bar logo on the 66 version, and the fact that the earlier wheel covers do dover the entire wheel while the later version has open sections. 

I know some people will disagree, but personally I actually much prefer the look of the 65 stock hubcaps to the 66 version. However I do prefer the 66 center caps…

As I now have both versions I might combine the 65 covers with the 66 center caps. So that will turn out okay in the end! 🙂 

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